Best Voice SMS in Nigeria

SMS Reseller offers the best Voice SMS in Nigeria. Our Voice SMS Service or Robocall Service is very efficient. We provide the cheapest robocall in Nigeria due to effective partnership with Nigerian Telecoms. Bulk Voice SMS or Bulk Voice Calls are prerecorded voice messages in any given language sent to numerous phone numbers through a Voice SMS Portal like ours.

When Voice SMS is sent, it is received by the recipient(s) as a conventional phone call. This process actually involves our VOIP Gateway dialing the phone numbers of your customers (recipients) and playing your prerecorded voice message once each customer picks the phone call.

Voice SMS is very efficient and delivers instantly. So connect with clients, church members and others in a personalized and efficient way. Don't wait any longer! Sign Up Now and join wise business men and women, politicians, pastors and others who have added Voice SMS to their Marketing Strategy to produce excellent Business, Political, Religious, and other successful Campaigns. Record your voice call now, upload and send to your recipients to accomplish more results.

Buy Voice SMS Units

Buy voice sms units at a very low price and send voice sms to all Phones in Nigeria.

Recorded Voice Messages

Upload and Save prerecorded voice messages in any given language.

Send Voice SMS

Send voice sms in Nigeria at the cheapest rate available and reach more people.

Voice SMS Report

Get detailed reports of voice broadcast made to all Phone Numbers in Nigeria.

Voice SMS, Robocall, Voice Broadcast Service Provider in Nigeria

SMS Reseller offers an easy-to-use, efficient and fast broadcast voice messaging. Our Voice SMS Portal ensures instant communication for groups and individuals all over Nigeria. Broadcast your prerecorded voice messages to your customers with unparalleled emotions at the cheapest rate you can find in Nigeria. See amazing features that made many to consider us as the best Voice SMS Service in Nigeria:

Automated Voice Calls

As a Marketer or Business Owner, use Automated Voice Call to promote your products and services to a larger population. Achieve instant communication with groups and individuals across the world.

Personalized Messaging

Express your emotions in an inexpensive way through our Voice SMS Service. Share your business and other important information to your clients, church members, friends and other groups.

Localised Language

Record Voice Messages in the local language of your targeted audience to make them understand your products or services better. Voice Bulk SMS encourage higher response and patronage.

Cost Effectiveness

Voice Call is very effective just like Radio Jingles and other audio/visual advertising. But unlike other advertising medium that are expensive, Voice Call is cost effective and very profitable.

Improved Marketing Insights

With Call Tracking, important data can be captured and used to generate more leads. And these captured data are very reliable because Voice SMS ensures penetrative reach and personalized messages.

Voice SMS Solutions

With our Voice SMS API, you can get seamless integration, low latency, global connectivity, and turn calls into connections. We also deploy easy-to-implement IVR System and other Voice Solutions.

Best Voice Broadcast Service Provider in Nigeria

Add human touch to your message through our Voice SMS Portal. Also schedule your Voice Campaign successfully and have it delivered at predefined date and time. Don't miss out on this unique way of reaching out to both educated and non-educated customers!