SMS Short Code Service in Nigeria

SMS Reseller is a leading Short Code Provider in Nigeria. We provide Shared Shortcode, Dedicated Shortcode and Shortcode Reseller Business for small and medium scale business owners. With our Shared Shortcode Service, you would be able to share setup costs and other fees with other brands using our Infrastructure. This is how we make our Shortcode Service very affordable and accessible to small business owners. On the other hand, our Dedicated Shortcode Service is exclusive for Corporate Organizations that can afford it's setup costs and associated fees of the Infrastructure and general operations.

Shortcode is a series of numbers, quite shorter than conventional phone numbers, used to address SMS and MMS from network providers. Shortcode is used to process two-way billing messaging. Shortcode contains 5 to 6 digits. Examples are 38145, 38146, 37425, and so on. Generally, Shortcodes use certain characters or prefix letters called Keywords to redirect SMS traffic to Application Inbox, Email Addresses or Designated URL. Keywords are normally between 3 to 11 characters. Examples of Keywords are QUIZ, BABY, SPORT, LEARN, FOOD, and so on.

Shortcode can help brand your business and also fetch you additional revenue. If you run a restaurant business, you can run a Shortcode Service such as "Text RECIPE to 35811 for the best recipe that will help your keep your husband at home. SMS cost N100 per week." When subscribers text "RECIPE to 35811", you will earn a portion of the N100 that would be deducted from their airtime balance and they will automatically be subscribed to your service. And you are expected to start sending your Subscribers information on Recipes as promised.

Shortcode is not limited to restaurant or food business, you can also use it for Breaking News, Health Tips, Financial Tips, Quiz, Competitions, Voting, Text to Win Promos, Prize Draws, Validation of Pins, Mobile Banking and lots more. Our Short Code Service is limited to Nigerian Telecoms and that imply that your Subscribers would be people residing in Nigeria. Making money is so easy with our Short Code Service. You can also count on us for efficient and fast payout on MTN Short Code Service, Airtel Short Code Service, 9Mobile Short Code Service and Glo Short Code Service. Sign Up Now!

Shortcode Subscribers

Comprehensive list of people who subscribed for your Shortcode Service.

Shortcode Keywords

List of Registered Keywords for your Business, Brand, Project or Idea.

Received SMS

Tariff-Free SMS received by Subscribers of your Shortcode.

VAS Revenue

Detailed Report on revenues paid to your bank account since inception.

Toll-Free Shortcode Service in Nigeria

SMS Reseller delivers Professional Shortcode Service you can profit from on a regular basis without the need to have an office or a registered business. Our Shortcode Service is popularly known for it's Toll-Free Billing System that ensures you are not billed every time people subscribe for your Shortcode. Let us setup your Shortcode Service with a professional touch today.

Invest once and earn throughout the year without additional payment! See more reasons why many have secured their Short codes from us and continually smiling to the bank to cash-out their revenues:

Best Short Code Service

Rely on us for the Best Short Code Service in Nigeria. Brand your Business and Boost your marketing strategies. Setup Your Campaigns, Recipients text back to your Shortcode and Your Account is credited immediately!

High, Fast and Consistent Payout

Once your revenue hits a minimum of N5,000 within the month, we would deduct 1% NCC Charge and 10% VAT and pay the remainder to your Bank Account without any delay. No Stories, Instant Payment!

Zero Monthly Fee with Bonuses

Your Shortcode would be setup within 3 Days and run for the next 12 Months without the need to pay any fees for Monthly Access. In additional, you get Verified Nation-Wide GSM Database, sorted by LGA for free.

Good Partnership with Telecoms

We establish Business Partnership on your behalf with Telecom Providers to activate your Short Code on time, process requests made by your Subscribers and also manage your payouts efficiently.

Unlimited SMS Responses

Enjoy unlimited responses from Recipients of your Shortcode Service. If over a million people send a text message to your Shortcode as instructed, you would continue to earn and access their database.

Unlimited Sub-Keywords

With our Short Code Service, you stand to gain unlimited Sub-Keywords for FREE! This means you can run lots of Shortcode Service for your Brand or Business without the need to pay more!

Making Money with SMS Short Codes in Nigeria

At SMS Reseller, making money with sms short codes is as easy as ABC. With our mentoring and guidance, you can be sure of running a profitable Short Code Service for your Business. As a matter of fact, we will provide necessary tools to you for free and also guide you on how to use them to maximum returns on your Investment.