SMS Solutions in Nigeria

Our Enterprise SMS Solutions include Billing and Payments, Competitions, Customer Services, Debt Collection, Alerts and Notification, Appointment Reminders, Authentication & Verification, Enterprise Updates, Governmental Campaigns, Business Communication, Marketing Campaigns, SMS Broadcasts, Staff Rostering, Feedback & Surveys.

With our SMS Solutions, you can reach your customers and and entire workforce in over 200 countries. You can also generate increased sales and qualified leads for your business. You can also schedule important SMS Reminders, Alerts, Campaigns and Notifications.

Our Solutions ensures proper sorting of your contacts in the database into different groups and lists. Import of contacts from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are also supported. Our SMS Solutions also allow Audio Files to be uploaded and delivered as calls.

Features of Enterprise SMS Solutions

SMS Reseller offers SMS Solutions that have the following features: Reach Targeted Audience, Perfect Customer Engagement, Premium Service, Automated SMS Campaigns, Corporate Customization and Best Sales Conversion.

Reach Targeted Audience

Use our SMS Solutions to target the right audience and also send them the perfect message that would fetch your business desired sales growth.

Perfect Customer Engagement

Our SMS Solutions will give you the perfect Customer engagement that would work with the existing Systems in your organization without extra costs.

Best Sales Conversion

With our SMS Solution, you can create leads and send conversations to your sales team for processing to achieve your Sales Target within given period.

Premium Service

Enjoy Corporate Security, Cost Statements, Custom Integrations, Subsidized Pricing, Advanced Reporting, Scalable SMS Solution, Team Management, Support and more.

Automated SMS Campaigns

Our SMS Solution provide automated functionalities and responses that simplifies SMS Campaigns and overall communication of any business or organization.

Corporate Customization

Our SMS Solution ensures Messaging Features most important to your business are fully incorporated for the realization of set objectives of your business.

Get The Best SMS Solution for your Organization

At SMS Reseller, we deliver SMS Solutions that produce efficient customer engagement for models, projects and businesses at large. Our Solutions have the potential to drive the growth of any company or organization in Nigeria and other parts of the World.