DEMOCRACY DAY PROMO – VTU, Data Bundle and Bulk SMS Website

Get your Multi-Reseller Website containing VTU Portal, Data Bundle Portal and Bulk SMS Portal this period for even a cheaper amount of N60,000 only! Don’t miss this opportunity. If you don’t have enough money right now, feel free to pay in installments but just don’t miss it because this offer would not be made available again!

If you are still wondering the benefits you can derive from these Portals, then it is important for you to click here to get so much details. Meanwhile, be informed that fully-functional Mobile and Desktop App valued at N100,000 would also be made available to you free-of-charge. Yes, you’ll get them absolutely free! We are not that generous by the way. Lol. We just want your users to have more options to choose from while patronizing your various services. Start Making Money Now!

Your Website would deliver VTU Services such as Airtime Purchase, Cable TV Renewals, Electricity Payments and lots more. Guess what? Your direct involvement would not even be required except moments when you have to confirm payments of customers that paid directly to your bank account. It’s time for you to start making money online. No more procrastination. Start Now!

Your customers would also enjoy cheap Data Bundles on your Website. Do you know that your customer can buy 1GB MTN Data Bundle for as low as N550 if you permit? That’s not all! Your Website would also serve customers willing to send bulk sms. And you don’t even need to worry about buying sms units. You can starting selling right away from the 10,000 sms units that would be delivered along with your Website. And when exhausted, you can buy additional units at 73 Kobo Only! Talk to us on 08161169857 if you’ve got any question. Waste no more time! Start Now while offer last.

How To Start VTU Business in Nigeria or Become a VTU Agent for Free

You might have been running vtu business through Whatsapp, Facebook, Nairaland or others. But it is high time you move higher. With the website we will deliver to you, you will not only be making consistent profit but you will also learn how to register vtu business for unlimited sub-resellers. With the website, it would also be easy to learn how to register as vtu agent if that is preferred.

We deliver one of the best vtu websites in Nigeria that is very efficient and also encoded with online payment system to automatically serve your customer whether during the day or at night. So your freedom either at work or in bed is never challenged. This is why we say running vtu business in 2019 is one of the best decisions any business-minded youth in Nigeria can embark on.

Starting VTU Business in Nigeria and running it successfully is very easy, as we would always be available to guide and counsel through for increased profitably: We would ensure that the vtu wallet of your website is also funded for free upon sign up.

Data Bundle Reselling Business – Data Selling Website in Nigeria

Data Bundle Reselling Business in Nigeria

Data Bundle Reselling Business is one of the newest ways of making money online in Nigeria. We have provided various Data Bundle Reseller Plans with various features that would help you capture your own market in this booming business. This is better than using websites such as Nairaland to achieve same goal. Wise students, housewives, job seekers and others are already making ends meet with this prosperous business.

Become a Data Reseller and buy Cheap Data Bundles in Nigeria through our Data Bundle Reselling Business. In fact, you can enjoy cheap data bundles on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile. From our service, you can buy 1GB MTN from us for a little above N500. And with that cheap pricing, you can easily set your own price and sell successfully offline or online, through the website we will provide for you. This is why we say Data Reselling Business in 2019 is highly lucrative! Get started by getting your data bundle reselling pack or simply signing up for any of our Data Reseller Plans.

While you might not necessarily need a Website to run this lucrative business, owning a Data Bundle Website will go a long way in branding your Data Bundle Business and running it professionally. While there could be trust issues with others running Data Reselling Business without a functional website, your story would certainly be different because of the way we develop Data Selling Website.

Your data bundle service would be viewed professionally especially with the Online Payment System that would be encoded in it, which will ensure your customers order data and get credited without your intervention. So no delays or inefficiency on your part, and this is very important for successful Data Bundle Reselling Business in Nigeria.