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SMS Reseller is a subsidiary of Xcel Cyber Technologies, a leading provider of Profitable Reseller Portals and Business Websites in Nigeria. We deploy Bulk SMS Portals, Voice SMS Portals, Data Portals, VTU Portals, Recharge Card Portals, Shortcode Portals, as well as Customized SMS and VTU Solutions for Individuals and organizations within and outside Nigeria. With many years of experience and quality delivery, we remain a leading provider of reliable and profitable Portals in Nigeria. We are indeed the best consideration in achieving your business goals.

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What we stand for

Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our Vision is to consistently provide proven communication leverages that serves as the Edge for small business owners. As a result, their businesses are expected to keep increasing in sales and customer retention. This the main goal of our Brand. This is what drives our corporate philosophy.

Our Corporate Philosophy is to "serve customers diligently and truly care by listening to them". This is why we go the extra mile in helping our customers make more profit. A good example is when we deliver periodical portal upgrades and sales tips for free.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help small business owners automate their business communication and marketing processes and also increase their overall revenue through the deployment of low-cost Reseller Portals.

Our customers know that we are not just after making sales but that we truly care for the profitability of their Portals. This is the major reason behind our ever-increasing customer base. A lot of our customers are happy with our Portals as it continues to aid their business and also generate additional revenue for them seamlessly.

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Valued Customer

Our Valued Customers

We value our customers a lot. We demonstrate this in the efficiency and promptness of our service delivery. We also make ourselves available to our customers through phone calls, web chats, whatsapp chats and emails. We always want them to know that we truly care.

Some customers do narrate how excited they were, when they discovered that, in additional to the awesome support they receive, the daily running of their Portal does not need their involvement. And because of that, they never get distracted from their day-to-day activities or from other sources of revenue. In fact, some labels this, "the autopilot experience." Lol.

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What We Do

SMS Reseller deploys Reseller Portals of various types for small business owners. We also render promotional services that produce increased sales for small business owners. These services are majorly bulk sms service, voice sms service, reward service and shortcode service. Due to our years of experience, we also serve as Consultants to many business owners in Nigeria.

Reseller Portals

SMS Reseller deploys Reseller Portals of various types. Our Reseller Portals ranges from VTU Reseller Portal, Data Reseller Portal, Bulk SMS Reseller Portal, Voice SMS Reseller Portal and Recharge Card Printing Portal.

Promotional Services

We also offer promotional services such as Bulk SMS Service, Voice SMS Service, Reward Service and Short Code Service.

Consultancy Services

Due to our years of experience, we serve as Consultants to many business owners in Nigeria.


Profitable Reseller Portals

Take advantage of our Profitable Reseller Portals to achieve your business goals and consistently increase your revenue with ease. Each Reseller Portal is also very easy to integrate into existing websites. Order any of the Reseller Portals for your business and we would integrate it in your existing website for free.

Bulk SMS Website

Order Bulk SMS Website for as low as ₦25,000 and qualify to buy SMS Units for as low ₦2.

Data Reseller Website

Order Data Reseller Website for as low as ₦25,000 and qualify to buy MTN 1GB for as low ₦225.

VTU Reseller Website

Order VTU Reseller Website for as low as ₦25,000 and make huge profit on every transaction.

Recharge Card Reseller Website

Order Recharge Card Reseller Website for as low as ₦25,000 and get up to 5% commission instantly.


Why Our Reseller Portals are the Best in Nigeria

SMS Reseller has a variety of Reseller Portals that delivers best value to customers. Many customers can attest to the huge profits they made after ordering our Reseller Portals. Top among these high-yield Reseller Portals are Data Reseller Portal, VTU Reseller Portal, Bulk SMS Reseller Portal, Voice SMS Reseller Portal, Recharge Card Reseller Portal and Shortcode Reseller Portal. Check out our services as listed below and order the Reseller Portal/Website that best suits you. Please fund your Wallet to get started:

SMS Reseller offers the cheapest data bundles in Nigeria. We sell the cheapest 9mobile data plan, cheapest Airtel data plan, cheapest Glo data plan, and cheapest MTN data plan in Nigeria. MTN 1GB is just ₦225.

SMS Reseller offers the cheapest, fastest and most reliable VTU Portal in Nigeria. Buy airtime, JAMB ePINs and WAEC Scratch Cards. Recharge DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Spectranet, Smile, ShowMax and PHCN.

SMS Reseller allows the sending of Bulk SMS to DND and Non-DND Phone Numbers at the cheapest rate. Our Bulk SMS Gateway is very reliable, and it caters for both old and new phone numbers. Sms unit cost ₦2 only.


SMS Reseller offers the cheapest and the best Voice SMS in Nigeria. This Service is deployed through an efficient VOIP Gateway just to ensure your campaigns truly convert. Voice sms unit cost ₦10 only.

SMS Reseller is the best website for printing recharge cards in Nigeria. This is the best user-friendly and cheapest site for printing recharge card of various denominations. Enjoy huge discount on each voucher.

SMS Reseller is a leading Short Code Provider in Nigeria. Your Shortcode Keyword would be registered with NCC within 3 days only! View reports on responses and revenues of your Subscribers at a glance.

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