We develop Profitable Reseller Websites in Nigeria that generates high profit. Among these Reseller Websites, Data Reseller Website is the most profitable. Start making money online from Data Reselling Business as a Data Reseller, VTU Reselling Business as a VTU Reseller, Bulk SMS Business as a Bulk SMS Reseller, Voice SMS Business as a Voice SMS Reseller and Recharge Card Printing Business as a Recharge Card Reseller.

Data Reselling Business in Nigeria

Start Data Reselling Business and enjoy the cheapest MTN data plans, cheapest Airtel data plans, cheapest Glo data plans and cheapest 9Mobile data plans. Buy MTN 1GB Data Plan for as low as ₦215 only. Data Reselling Business is one of the easiest and best way to make money online in Nigeria because it requires very little capital. Become a Data Reseller now by clicking the "START NOW!" button below:

VTU Business in Nigeria

Start VTU Reselling Business and earn high commission on Airtime, JAMB, WAEC, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Spectranet, Smile, ShowMax and PHCN. Become a VTU Reseller today and you would receive a VTU Website where your customers would order any of these services and be automatically served. No hassles, No Stress, Just keep getting more customers and Earning Big! Click the "START NOW!" button now:

Best Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria

Own a Bulk SMS Website with Amazing Features! You too can become a Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria. We will help you launch the cheapest Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria for dnd and non-dnd sms delivery on MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo Network. You will have your own Bulk SMS Website eqquiped with Online Payment System, Recharge Voucher Generator, Cheapest SMS Units, Automatic Crediting, Real-time Statistics, Developer's API, and lots more. Click the "START NOW!" button below to get started:

Start Voice SMS Business in Nigeria

Own a Voice SMS Reseller Website
Voice SMS Portal with National Coverage, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Free Upgrade and Maintenance, Customized Brand, Responsive Web Design, Online Payment System, Mobile Applications and lots more...

Start Short Code Business in Nigeria

Best Short Codes Provider in Nigeria with Unlimited Sub Keywords
Shared Shortcode, Dedicated Shortcode, Shortcode Reseller, National Coverage, Customized Brand, Unlimited Resellers, Responsive Web Design, Online Payment System, Mobile Messaging Solutions and lots more...

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SMS RESELLER is a subsidiary of Xcel Cyber Technologies, a leading developer of Profitable Reseller Websites in Nigeria. Our reseller business is majorly centred on communication and utility services within Nigeria. We develop low-cost Reseller Websites that feature multiple Portals for increased revenue. These Reseller Websites include Data Reseller Website, VTU Reseller Website, Bulk SMS Website, Voice SMS Website, Recharge Card Printing Website, Short Code Website, SME Business Website, Long Code Website, and Side Hustle Website. With many years of experience in quality delivery, we remain a leading provider of reliable and profitable Reseller Websites in Nigeria. Sign Up or Sign In now to get started. You can also contact us or message us directly on WhatsApp Number +2348161169857.

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Start Data Reselling Business this Month then
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Data Reselling Business is the most profitable reselling business in Nigeria. Internet Users keep purchasing data plans at intervals for their ever-increasing online activities. This is why you would keep making money from data reselling business. Start data reselling business today.

Data Reseller Website

Earn as a Data Reseller by owning Data Reseller Website. This Service Website would help you automatically sell data bundles of all Mobile Networks to your customers. You would no longer have to abandon your daily tasks to sell data bundles. Your Data Reseller Website would dispense purchased data to your customers and also help you receive payments from your customers. It would also accrue your profits for you to withdraw at your convenience. It is that easy! Whether you are at work or asleep, you would keep making more money!

Easy-to-use Pricing Manager
Free Web Hosting for 1 Year
Free Wallet Funding
Side Hustle Online Businesses

Most Profitable Side Businesses in 2023 - Profitable Website with 5 Portals

With ₦85,000 Investment, you can start making money from profitable side businesses in Nigeria. Servicing customers does not require your presence or intervention. Stay focused on your studies or job while making money without stress. The Website include Portals for communication and utility services such as Data, VTU (Airtime, PHCN, DSTV, WAEC, etc), Bulk SMS, Voice SMS and Recharge Card Printing. Learn more »

Fast and Efficient Services

We also render communication and utility services such as Bulk SMS Service, VTU Service, Data Bundle Service, Recharge Card Printing Service and Short Code Service. Our services are fast, efficient and so cheap. Over the years, each service has been proven to be very affordable for personal, religious, business and office use. Sign in and fund your Wallet to place an order:

Data Bundle Service

SMS RESELLER is the site to buy cheap data in Nigeria. You can confidently buy cheap data online in Nigeria that would last you for 30 days. We sell the cheapest MTN data plan, cheapest 9mobile data plan, cheapest Airtel data plan, and the cheapest Glo data plan in Nigeria. MTN 1GB costs ₦215 only. Buy data now »

VTU Service

SMS RESELLER remains the cheapest VTU Platform in Nigeria. Our VTU Service is different from others because it would deliver all your VTU requests automatically and instantly. Confirm this during the day or night by making a VTU request on Airtime, PHCN, JAMB, WAEC, DSTV, GOTV, Spectranet or ShowMax. Order now »

Bulk SMS Service

SMS RESELLER is the best Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria. We offer the cheapest Bulk SMS Service on MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo. We deploy the best SMS Gateway for both DND and Non-DND Numbers to ensure the best sms delivery. Enjoy the best ROI on your sms campaigns at ₦0.70 per SMS. Buy bulk sms units now »

Start a Profitable Reselling Business in Nigeria

Are you a Student, Unemployed, Housewife, Civil Servant or Business Owner? Let's help you make money online in Nigeria as you become a Data Reseller, VTU Reseller, Bulk SMS Reseller, Voice SMS Reseller or even a Recharge Card Reseller.

VTU Wwebsite

Order a VTU Website and earn on Airtime, JAMB, WAEC, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Spectranet, Smile, ShowMax and PHCN.

Bulk SMS Website

Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria today. Order Now and own a well-loaded Bulk SMS Website! Buy SMS Unit for as low as ₦0.70!

Data Reseller Website

Start data reselling business and buy MTN 1GB Data Plan at ₦215 only. Enjoy the cheapest MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile data.

Voice SMS Website

Start Voice SMS Business by ordering a well-loaded Voice SMS Website with National Coverage. Buy Voice Unit for as low as ₦10!

Why Our Reseller Websites are the Best in Nigeria

SMS RESELLER has a variety of Reseller Websites that delivers best value to customers. Our Resellers attest to huge profit made consistently after ordering their Reseller Website. Top among these high-yield Reseller Websites are Data Reseller Website, VTU Reseller Website, Bulk SMS Reseller Website, Voice SMS Reseller Website, Recharge Card Reseller Website and Shortcode Reseller Website.

SMS RESELLER would make you a successful reseller of communication and utility services in Nigeria. Apart from the reliability of our AI-powered Portals, we would also mentor you weekly for free so that you can achieve huge sales from your reseller website and mobile app. It's time you start making money online in Nigeria. Go ahead and order any Reseller Website you think best suits your business goals.

Reseller Website Efficiency 100%
Reseller Website Profitability 85%
Customer Satisfaction 95%
Free Upgrade 100%
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Data Reseller Website

MTN as low as ₦215

₦35,000 Only
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VTU Reseller Website

Earn up to 7% Commission

₦35,000 Only
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Bulk SMS Reseller Website

SMS Unit cost ₦0.70 only

₦35,000 Only
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Side Hustle Reseller Website

Earn from 5 Profitable Portals

₦85,000 Only
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