We develop Profitable Mobile Apps and Reseller Websites that generates high income. Data Reseller App and Data Reseller Website are the most profitable. Start making money online from Data Reselling Business as a Data Reseller, VTU Reselling Business as a VTU Reseller, Bulk SMS Business as a Bulk SMS Reseller, Voice SMS Business as a Voice SMS Reseller and Recharge Card Printing Business as a Recharge Card Reseller.

Side Hustle Businesses in Nigeria

Start Side Hustle Businesses for non-stop earnings. Experience a never-ending cash-flow system that would not hinder your work or other activities in anyway. Make more money on the go as people buy data, airtime, recharge cards and also pay for utilities such as DSTV, GOTV, StarTimes, ShowMax, PHCN, WAEC, JAMB and much more on your Side Hustle Website.

Data Reselling Business in Nigeria

Start Data Reselling Business and enjoy the cheapest MTN data plans, cheapest Airtel data plans, cheapest Glo data plans and cheapest 9Mobile data plans. Data Reselling Business is one of the easiest and best way to make money online in Nigeria. It also requires very little capital to get started. Order any of our Data Reselling Plans and get your own Data Reseller Website today.

VTU Business in Nigeria

Start VTU Reselling Business and earn high commission on Airtime, JAMB, WAEC, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Spectranet, Smile, ShowMax and PHCN. Order any of our VTU Reseller Plans and receive VTU Website that would enable your customers to purchase these utilities without contacting or disturbing you.

Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

Start making money from bulk sms sent by companies, churches, associations and others by simply ordering any of our Bulk SMS Reseller Plans. You would receive Bulk SMS Website that would successfully deliver messages to DND and Non-DND Phone Numbers at an affordable rate.

Voice SMS Business in Nigeria

Start making money from Voice SMS Business as companies broadcast robocalls through your Voice SMS Website. Once you order any of our Voice SMS Reseller Plans, Voice SMS Website would be delivered to you and you can start inviting companies over while you continue to make more money from their broadcasts.

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Start Recharge Card Printing Business and start printing recharge cards for vendors on your street from the comfort of your home. Your vendors would also be able to print recharge cards directly from your Recharge Card Printing Website. Your profits would be automatically accrued and you can easily withdraw at anytime.


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SMS RESELLER is a subsidiary of Xcel Cyber Technologies, a leading developer of Profitable Mobile Apps and Reseller Websites in Nigeria. Our reseller business is centred on communication and utility services in Nigeria. You can earn big from our Mobile Apps and Reseller Websites by becoming a Reseller. We also develop Customer Acquisition System for companies to successfully acquire, nurture and manage customers. With many years of experience in quality delivery, we remain a leading provider of profitable Mobile Apps and Reseller Websites in Nigeria. We are your best consideration if you are planning to run a successful online business in Nigeria. Sign In now and fund your wallet to confirm our delivery by buying data, airtime, recharge cards and other utilities.

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Data Reselling Business is the most profitable reselling business in Nigeria. Internet Users keep purchasing data plans at intervals for their ever-increasing online activities. This is why you would keep making money from data reselling business. Start data reselling business today.

Data Reseller Website

Earn as a Data Reseller by owning Data Reseller Website. This Service Website would help you to automatically sell data bundles of all Mobile Networks to your customers. You would no longer have to abandon your daily tasks to sell data bundles. Your Data Reseller Website would dispense purchased data to your customers and also help you receive payments from your customers. The Website would also accrue your profits for you to withdraw at your convenience. It is that easy! Whether you are at work or asleep, you would keep making more money!

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Most Profitable Side Businesses in 2024 - Profitable Website with 5 Portals

With ₦145,000 Investment, you can start making money from profitable side businesses in Nigeria. Servicing customers does not require your presence. Stay focused on your job or studies while making money online without stress. Only a Side Hustle Website can achieve this for you. Zero loss involved! You would only make more money. Learn more »

Why Our Reseller Websites are the Best in Nigeria

SMS RESELLER has a variety of Reseller Websites that delivers best value to customers. Our Resellers excitedly attests to huge profit made from their Reseller Website on a regular basis. Top among these high-yield Reseller Websites are Data Reseller Website, VTU Reseller Website, Bulk SMS Reseller Website, Voice SMS Reseller Website and Recharge Card Reseller Website.

SMS RESELLER would make you a successful reseller of communication and utility services in Nigeria. We also have Mobile Apps specifically developed to increase the profit made from these Reseller Websites. We would also mentor you weekly for you to achieve more sales. It's time you start making money online in Nigeria. Browse through our collections and place your order.

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We develop Profitable Mobile Apps and Reseller Websites that generates high income. Let's launch yours...

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